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Welcome to DonorChildren!

Welcome to the FREE ‘donor’ community!  We are more than just a Registry, DonorChildren is a Social Network.  Here you can privately or publicly connect to your biological-genetic family and the worldwide community.  You are probably here because you are either a sperm/egg/embryo ‘donor’, surrogate, ‘donor’ conceived person (DCP), or a parent who used a ‘donor(s)’ and/or surrogate to conceive/birth a child.  We are not about membership fees that expire and create communicative barriers for making biological and community connections.  We are about being FREE and helping people connect in the community and we embrace that it is a collaborative effort.  We are also about creating an organized community voice that can create legislative change.  Please explore the site and utilize the tools we have built.  Check out our Resources page for lots of useful information.  Thank you in advance for tolerating the ads, when they are clicked we stay open.  If you purchase a DNA test please go through our ads to help support the site staying up and FREE.  Please tell the world about us!

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