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    So I think maybe I matched my first half-sibling today although not 100% sure yet. The match is on Ancestry and says predicted 1st Cousins but I read online on some forum discussions that can sometimes group half-siblings into the 1st Cousin match. I am unable to verify cM or DNA % share on Ancestry…what a sucky site. Anyone have any thoughts? My father was active selling sperm from 1980 – 1990 and she was born in ’82. She listed my paternal grandmother’s maiden name as a group on Ancestry so she knows she is affiliated with the Herndon family somehow. That makes me wonder if maybe she was a child from my father’s first marriage which lasted from ’80-82 and knows the family I’m a little baffled. This girl was born in Hungary and became one of the top ranked world professional tennis players. She trained in 2001 in South Florida near where I lived at the time. It’s so sad we didn’t know each other even existed then. I sent her a message through Ancestry so we’ll see what kind of response I get I may be rocking her world. Any advice on the DNA match? I asked her to upload her raw data to to confirm cM shared to determine our relation. Recent pic of my sister and I and the other our possible half-sibling match. I also found she has a brother who is also an athlete.

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