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    When I thought I would raise this as a separate thread.
    So when do you think the best time to tell is?
    How do you tell your children they are donor conceived? How do you tell your children you have donated?

    I think it is important to cover both sides of this. Often the children of the donor are the last to know they have DC siblings.
    I would love to hear how others have approached this.

    As this was discussed during our pre-donor counselling via the clinics we have followed the telling as soon as possible option.
    Our approach has been not to hide it and we created a photo book with our daughters story in it.
    It is a basic book but it covers from when we met to how much she is loved by everyone in her family.
    It includes our egg donor and her family. Her other recipients and their family.
    And it covers how we on-donated our embryos to another couple and their daughter and who she is.
    WE have included everyone names in the book.

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