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    My name is Rebecca, I am 16. Recently I decided to begin searching for my sperm donor. I have a loving family who I adore. I have two happily married parents who unfortunately were unable to fall pregnant due to something being wrong with my dads sperm (therefore he is not my biological father but I know him and always have and always will know him as my dad). I have known since I was a child what the situation was. I have two other siblings who also know the situation. My mom has told me little about the donor and it has been a pretty touchy subject for my dad for obvious reasons. So heres what I do know: I was born in 2001, my brother in 2003 and my other brother in 2007, there was the option for my mom to have more kids but instead she asked the sperm was destroyed, I’m not sure if it was one or more but my mother chose to ‘get rid of them’ whatever that means. The donor was chosen to look like my dad but my parents never met him and I’m pretty sure they haven’t even seen a photo of him before. He is 5 foot 10, has blonde hair, blue eyes. He is an engineer and enjoys bushwalking/hiking.

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