• Currently seeking donor-conceived persons living in the USA who are willing to speak with their local state representatives about banning “donor anonymity” on the individual state level; since the federal government agency responsible for oversight of the fertility industry (US FDA) hasn’t responded to the citizen’s petition filed Sep 2016. We’ve…[Read more]

  • If there are any donor-conceived adults in or close to Washington State who are interested in testifying before a legislative hearing next week please contact me. Thanks!

  • Hello friends. I’m new to this group but very much looking forward to knowing you all. I am not donor conceived. I am a product of divorce who was then co-parented well by my father and my mother who has been in a relationship with another woman for 30 years. I have worked with kids in some capacity- whether in the field of adoption or with y…[Read more]

  • Washington State is starting off 2018 with a massive blow to children’s rights. A proposed bill will overhaul parenting laws around surrogacy and donor conception. Highlights:

    -There are ZERO references or even hints to the rights/needs of children to be known and loved by both biological parents.

    – According to this bill, you are the parent t…[Read more]