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    In reply to: dotty posted an update @admin I would like to purchase a DNA test from Ancestry for my possible half siblings. How can I offer this to them? I will use your link. Is there a way to give them a gift card? Do I have […] View

    @dotty If you go to the Resources page and click on the Ancestry link you can scroll down to the VERY bottom of the page, look near the Careers and Site Map links, click on the Gift Memberships link. You should be able to purchase it there. I would also recommend considering to do 23andMe instead of Ancestry since it is the largest…[Read more]

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    @dotty Wow! Congrats on that discovery. Similar situations occur if you matched a half-sibling and it might say ‘grandfather’/’grandmother’ because the % shared is the same. Here is a good reference link for DNA percentages and what matches they could be:…[Read more]

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    In reply to: dotty posted an update No close matches from either familytreedna or ancestry. I thought I would be able to easily tell which are known from my mother’s side and then from my unknown donor side. That is not the […] View

    @Dotty I had my mom submit a test on 23andMe. It confirmed she is my mother and also after adding her to my family tree on there I was able to filter out maternal relatives from paternal. That was crucial for me having success in finding my biological family. Let me know if you need help!

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    In reply to: dotty posted an update Just sent in my dna to familytreedna and also I am going through my matches from ancestry. View

    Hey @dotty how did your results go? Have you submitted to 23andMe yet? DonorChildren is about to become an affiliate partner with 23andMe so if you are soon you can go through DonorChildren and help support keeping the site up! If you have any questions about your DNA results make a post in the Forums and I and others would love to help.

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    Welcome! Your profile looks great. Would love to hear your story in the About Me section of your Profile. @dotty