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Ellicott City MD

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Boston, MA


March 12, 1976


Beth Israel Hospital – Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston Lying-in Hospital

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Through DNA results it now seems confirmed that my donor was from Ashkenazi Jewish heritage. Dr. Donald Peter Goldstein who is now at Brighams and Women/Beth Israel/Harvard was my mother’s physician. Dr. Goldstein coordinated the DI procedure on my mother in the Summer of 1975. At the time, it was a project of Harvard/Boston Children’s Hospital/ Peter Bent Brigham (+ Boston Women’s Lying-In, the two became Brigham and Women’s in 1980). According to my mother, there was another doctor that performed or accompanied the procedure. The other doctor was tall, young with dark hair.

In 1991, Dr. Goldstein told my mom and I that her/my file existed but said there was nothing in the file. In 1995, he said he couldn’t find it. In 2011, he stated, “I have made an honest attempt to find the early records on your mother but they are nowhere to be found. In 1994 they were transferred from my office to storage at the BWH, presumably Iron Mountain Storage Facility after that. After an appropriate period of time these outside records may have been destroyed. Even if they had been found, I generally did not identify donors in the records. -DPG”. I am thankful that Dr. Goldstein has met with me and has been generally pleasant.

I am happy to speak to anyone.

Name: Tiana

DNA databases: Family Finder, 23andme, CaBRI (ID:190-B001)

Offspring or donor: Offspring

Year of conception or years donated: Summer 1975

Sperm bank or clinic where donor donated (if known): Dr. Donald Peter Goldstein’s office (? at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital (or Women’s Ly-ing in) or Harvard Medical School(or less likely: Boston Children’s Hospital)

Doctor that performed the insemination (if known): Dr. Donald Peter Goldstein
Dr. Goldstein’s 1975 Academic and Hospital Appointments:
1974-1988 Chief, Division of Gynecology (Department of Surgery), Boston Children’s Hospital

1975-1995 Assistant Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Harvard Medical School

1969-1975 Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Harvard Medical School at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital

Place of conception: Boston Children’s Hospital (by Brigham or Beth Israel Doctors) – Harvard Medical School

Donor number (if known): unknown

Siblings (if any) – no siblings as of 12/12/12 (But Dr. Goldstein told me I had lots of half siblings out there!)

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Sperm Donor, Half-Siblings, Professional Counseling

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My blood is O+.At the time of conception, Dr. Goldstein told my mother that the donor was a Harvard Medical Student and a “dark” Norwegian (they were trying to match my dad’s Sicilian/Italiancoloring) I hope to someday see if this information is accurate as there were not too many Norwegian Jews. When I inquired to Dr. Goldstein, he stated if he said this info at the time it is likely correct, but it might also be misinformation. At the time of conception, which my mom recalled took place in a wing of Massachusetts Children’s Hospital, across from Beth Israel, my mother also recalled a sanskrit prayer in English placed on the ceiling.

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Heterosexual Couple

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July 1975 my donor donated

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