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    @twogranolamoms @trytryagain2010 @beebs You have matches! Cryos International Sperm Bank via sperm ‘donor’ 6095 Kirk. We always recommend to verify matches with DNA testing. It is recommended that DNA is submitted to the 3 big sites on the Resources page. This will confirm matches and also add to those databases for more matches. Go through our…[Read more]

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    In reply to: trytryagain2010 posted an update in the group Donor ID’s Looking for donor siblings for my son, born April 2011. Donor was with Cryos International in NYC. Donor ID is KIRK. The donor is Italian and was born in 1 […] View

    @trytryagain2010 Welcome! Thanks for joining. You’re comment is going to get lost on the site Activity feed. The best way to be found is to make a Group for your Donor ID and Clinic on the Groups page (see the Home page for instructions). Also you and others can search for matches on the Members page with the Advanced Search tool. Also…[Read more]