Just find out you are a sperm/egg/embryo ‘donor’ conceived person (DCP)?  Not sure what to do?  Need help finding your answers and/or biological/genetic family?  DonorChildren wants to offer you all the known resources as well as being a resource for you.  Please visit the Get Started page as well as educating yourself on all known available resources below!

Along with following other ‘donor’ conceived blogs online we want to encourage any ‘donor’ conceived person, parent, or ‘donor’/biological father/mother to register or subscribe at the following databases to make yourself as searchable as possible.  Also, every person no matter who you are should submit their DNA to three major DNA testing companies:  23andMe, FTDNA, and Ancestry.  You never know what extended relative that is an adoptee or ‘donor’ conceived person might need you in their search.  You could be their missing link!  Also, for ‘donor’ conceived people, it is essential for their known biological parent to DNA test so they can filter out their DNA relative matches which expedites.  We hope this reference helps educate you of the available resources online.  Please let us know if we can add anything.

ON ANY ONLINE DONOR RELATED SITE, PLEASE BEWARE OF EMAILS SCAMS FROM FAKE SPERM/EGG DONORS (See these examples so you’re familiar with a past scam letter):

For our complete list of donor related scam emails:  Click Here

DNA (Buy tests and subscriptions through these DNA links to support DonorChildren at no cost to you!):

WatershedDNA (Licensed Genetic Counselor – Brianne Kirkpatrick, MS, LGC) (Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation – search every database here – powerful tool) (International Society of Genetic Genealogy) (International Society for Forensic Genetics) (Free database to upload your Autosomal data, you have to download the data first from 23andMe)
DNAgedcom (downloadable DNA comparison software mapping tool) (search tool & database within FTDNA for Y-Chromosome tests) (Home DNA Testing) (DNA Testing by Mail Listings)
Facebook DNA Detectives
DNA Matches Table (% & shared Centimorgans – CM)

Social Groups/Registries/Organizations: (FREE public billboard, check out the donor offspring page, minimal functionality & lack of privacy but FREE) (European Donor Offspring Lobby Group & Informational Resource) (Australian Based Donor Conceived Awareness Organization) (EMLA – Emergency Medical Locators for Adoptees) (Births, Deaths & Marriages – Victoria, Australia) (International Donor Offspring Alliance) (Paid Registry similar to DSR with costly annual/expiring memberships that inhibit growth and connection) (Experimenting with Facial Recognition Software) ($75 Annually is the limiting factor for connections.  If members don’t renew they are disabled and simply a marketing tool for new members to join.  We believe the DSR is a fraudulent scam masked as a charity.  The DSR makes $180,000-$250,000 per year off membership fees plus book and speaking deals.  50% of their revenue goes to Wendy Kramer and her son (see tax records:  40,000+ claimed members (not all active and reachable, however, and member count completely unverifiable and possibly fabricated) – DonorChildren’s founder had his membership revoked without justification by the DSR on day 2 of launching.  Wendy Kramer self-proclaims to be the ‘voice of the donor conceived’ which couldn’t be further from the truth.  She bought sperm to have a son and now profits off people’s needs through the DSR that she created.  It is good to note that many of the members on the site may be inactive due to expired, unpaid/unrenewed memberships and will not be able to receive your emails unless they pay and renew.  You can read DSR’s User Agreement to confirm this.  This is why we are FREE and memberships never expire :))  Despite all the flaws the DSR may have valuable information.  You can search the member postings for free and possibly get something searchable to make connections outside the DSR if you’re lucky.  Buying a membership and making a connection on the DSR is a gamble. (Belgium/Netherlands ‘donor’ conceived organization – Follow on twitter @donorkinderen & (Belgium/Netherlands Forum for Dutch speaking ‘donor’ conceived, ‘donors’, and parents) (German/Swiss/Austrian Donor Conceived Support Network) (Southwestern Ontario Donor Conception Support Network) (Pregnancy, Babies, Getting Preganant forum – search for Donor ID groups, etc.) (The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network) (safety zone for real and honest insights regarding third party reproduction)
Coalition Against Reproductive Trafficking (Florida Adoption Connections Truth and Support:  South Florida support group for fostered, adopted, and donor conceived adults) (Canadian Infertility non-profit resource) (Sperm / Egg / Embryo Donor Conceived & Donors Finding Biological Family) (International Donor Offspring Alliance) (Harley Street / UK) (DONOR CONCEIVED OFFSPRING, SIBLINGS, PARENTS – (Sperm or Egg)) (Worldwide Donor Conceived People Network) (Tyler Medical Center group – GROUP IS INVISIBLE – CONTACT [email protected] IF YOU WANT TO JOIN THE GROUP) (CA Cryo Bank – Donor 5497) (Xytex Donor 5212 Family Group Page) (Danish Donor Conceived) (Danish donors) (Fairfax Donor 1864)
Cryos NY Sibling Registry Facebook Page (Forums for donor conceived from a Nordic Clinic or Danish Sperm Bank) (Western Australia Registry) (People Conceived Via Artificial Insemination) (Australian Donor Conception Registry) (Xytex International Sperm Bank – Donor 9996) (DSR Yahoo Group) (Place for Xytex patients, donors and offspring to communicate and share things online) (Fairfax Forum) (UK Government Records) (UK Government Records)…/9/kidregister_en_dna_databank.aspx (Netherlands Identifiable Donors) (Australian Donor Conception Forum) (New Zealand IVF Resource/Education Site)

Favorite Blogs:
23andMe Blog (thorough discussion and information treasure-trove for DNA analysis from a great lady, CeCe Moore) (Anonymous Father’s Day – Matthew Eppinette) –> GREAT info/tools to get started (Quebec blog…check her out!) (Japan DCP group)
Ester De Lau (Netherlands-Dutch ‘Donor’ Conceived Blog)

Published or Produced Media:

Kevin Staudt “Novum” (‘donor’ conceived song)
Chloe & Her New Brother Wrote A Beautiful Song (Identity and the Donor Conceived) (Disenfranchised Greif for the Donor Conceived Adult – by Joanna Rose) (Center for Bio-ethics:  What’s Wrong With 3PR) – Download the PDF HERE (Breeders: a subclass of women?) (source to search for donor conception related articles) (Damian Adams – Australia) (Damian Adams – Australia) (Damian Adams – Australia) (Australian Journal of Adoption – Vol 7, No 2 (2013) – Donor Conception and Adoption)

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Care Leavers of Australia
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Fertility Doctors/Technicians Who Secretly Used Own Sperm:

  • BARWIN, Bernard Norman (3 babies,total unknown,Toronto, CANADA), Huffington Post 1-31-13
  • JACOBSON, Cecil (70-75 babies conceived, Salt Lake City, UTAH), LA Times 2-23-94
  • FRONTIER, Quincy (4-6 babies, total unknown, NEVADA), Las Vegas Review Journal 8-26-07
  • LIPPERT, Thomas R. (2 babies, possibly 1,000s, Salt Lake City, UTAH), MailOnline 1-13-14 IVF Clinic employee 1988-1993
  • RAUMALEY, Ben (1 baby known, total unknown, CONNECTICUT), Huff Post 3-8-10
  • SANTOMAURO, Anthony claimed error– inseminated a Black woman with White donor sperm instead of Black fiance’s sperm, New Haven, CONNECTICUT), WTNH TV, 7-9-04
  • WIESNER, Bertold P. (600-1,000 babies conceived, London, UK), The Telegraph 4-8-12

If you find any other resources you would like to have added here permanently please contact the admin.