User Agreement

Privacy: Members can modify their privacy settings while editing their Profile.  The default settings are set up to respect other’s privacy in areas that are not pertinent to having a successful connection with genetic/DNA biological relatives.  It is the responsibility of each member to choose their level of discretion within the community.  DonorChildren encourages it’s members to be as transparent as possible to make the site more effective.  Many of the members are here because of anonymity in our conception so it is our goal here to be as open as possible.

Disclaimer:  DonorChildren accepts no liability for unmonitored use of the site by a minor (person under the age of 18) without parental consent or supervision.  We recommend DNA testing for any matches made on this site to verify biological relation.  DonorChildren holds no liability for any repercussions that arise out of any form of connections on the site.  Site use is voluntary and DonorChildren holds no responsibility for any site activity.

Emails:  DonorChildren members should expect to receive periodic newsletters via email from the site Administrator.  Members email addresses are considered private and not shared with other members.  If you are asked to contact someone outside DonorChildren we recommend you only communicate via the DonorChildren message system and do not share your email address with anyone you do not know.

Membership:  Membership is free and voluntary.  If a member would like to close their account they must contact us to request their profile be removed from the site.

Use of Content:  Members acknowledge that when they choose to disclose personal information (i.e. user name, e-mail address, personal details about themselves, etc.) on DonorChildren they do so voluntarily.  Any information members share has the potential to be collected and used by others and may result in unsolicited messages from others either on DonorChildren or outside the site.  DonorChildren holds no liability for repercussions that result from information members share.  DonorChildren has ownership and access rights to any information, images, data, text, or other media that members post or upload to the site.

Conditions of Use:  DonorChildren does not permit the use of the site to market or sell gametes (sperm, eggs, embryos) to other members.  If such activity occurs the site Administrator as the right to remove members involved from using the site.  The purpose of DonorChildren is to connect biological family and people affected by the third party reproduction industry for community support.