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I don’t know how you could watch it in the US now, but MTV Canada did put the whole serie online in february. I think it was also on tv here, but since I don’t have a TV, I don’t know.

I felt a bit jealous when I watched it. The siblings had 2 very complete profiles and a donor ID. I think it tends to show that it’s easy to find relatives when you are DC. *spoiler alert* They find the name of the donor in the 4th episode, and the whole search takes place in only a few months. This is very far from the reality of so many DC people.

Also, it feels like being Dc is not “such a big deal” for a lot of the siblings who don’t really care about finding or meeting the donor. I learned about my conception when I was 12, and all through my teenage time, I protected myself by telling me it wasn’t a big deal, although it hurt me a lot. I think it’s a normal process, but it doesnt represent the whole picture of donor conception and how it affects our lives on the long term. The whole thing about not wanting to hurt your social father and “understanding your parents” disturbed me too. And a clip where the siblings said they would definitely donate gametes if they had a chance. That is also something I thought of when I was a teen, but now, I know it was associated with the very poor image I had of myself at the time.

In general, I think it was very interesting to watch, but still not an in-depth analysis of the issue. I took it as an entertainment…