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Map: Visitors have Red/yellow location pins. Search bots will have blue location pins. Registered users who are logged in will have green location pins.

Bots: google, facebook, and other sites have bots that comb all sites on the internet indexing information for search engines. It’s a normal activity for any site. Any malicious bots are kept out by our security settings.

Profile: There may be some fields that you did not fill out. I am looking at reducing the number of fields so the % completion is more realistic/attainable. Anything over 60% is pretty good.

I would post the articles for Cryogenic Laboratories Inc. on the group you created. That is where the information is most effective and relevant. You could always post it in more than one place such as the group and the forums and/or on your profile. Any public comments made show up on the Activity feed that all members can read.

I added these questions/answers to the FAQ page. Thanks!

Good questions! I’ll update the FAQ page with some of these questions.