How to communicate with a new dibling that doesn't know they are DC.

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    I will copy and past the best response that I got to my question. Any advice on how to communicate with a new donor conceived half-sibling (dibling) who does NOT know that they are donor conceived.

    From JP.
    Here’s how I do it. I send them a message saying that it looks like we’re related and I think I know how and I would love to talk to them about it if they’re interested. When they write back, I push for a phone call. I ask why they did the DNA test in the first place. I listen and find out about their background that they know of so I don’t make any missteps. I ask them if they’re interested in knowing what I know, which could be life-changing. If they express interest, I tell them to sit down. If they’re old enough (all of my half-siblings are), I suggest they get a drink. I walk them through what I know without telling them what their situation is. If they don’t know about DNA terms, I explain the basics like centimorgans. I tell them that we share enough to be in the half-sibling range. Then I let them talk. And if they have questions, I tell them they might want to talk to their parents first, but that I’m a resource.

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