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    My name is Alexa. I’m a senior writer at New York magazine where I specialize in interviewing people who are either ignored and distorted or sensationally covered by the media. I’m known for my sensitive in-depth approach…I always let the voice of my interviewee guide my interviews and I am interested in open ended- talking accounts that are raw, real and honest. Here’s some links to work I have done in the past:



    I’m working on a series of “talking accounts” from people who were conceived via a sperm donor. The aim of this piece, which will be a series of long testimonies told from the point of view of the donor “children” themselves, is simply to let these voices be heard in the mainstream. This project was born because I found it SO RARE that the children who are conceived in this way are given the space to speak freely and without political agenda. I will be talking to people from ALL WALKS of life who were born from the 70s onward having been conceived with the help of a donor. The story is set to appear as a cover story on THE CUT (New York magazine’s blog focused on love, sex, relationships and family…) If you’d like to take part all I’d require is a phone interview with you and I can protect your identity 100% if you wish to remain anonymous.

    I think this is a very timely and important project and I really hope that you come forward to tell me your story — good bad or a collage of both, I want to hear it all! If you are interested email me at [email protected]. I am ESPECIALLY looking to talk to people born after 1998 (just to bring the story right up to date) xoxoxox

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    Hi Alexa,

    I am a DC person born in ’92. Happy to share my story if you’re interested. I am 24 now, and learned about my donor conception at age 19. My half sister (born in 93) found me a year and a half ago and we’re now good friends. I currently live in San Francisco, CA, but was conceived at OHSU, Oregon Health Science University.

    best of luck on your story!

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