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    My name is Amelie Baumann and I’m a Ph.D.-student at the University of Bremen, Germany. For my dissertation in cultural anthropology I’m working on an exciting project which looks at anonymized gamete donation and how regulations concerning anonymity in this field are being transformed. I’m particularly interested in the activities, experiences and perspectives of donor-conceived persons themselves, and would like to explore their roles in this process. One main focus of my research are the connections that donor-conceived persons establish among each other, for example through online networks such as DonorChildren.

    I’m therefore looking for donor-conceived persons aged 18+ living in Britain or Germany who either grew up knowing about the circumstances of their conception, or who found out later in life and who are willing to share their stories. Please contact me at [email protected] or via 0049-(0)421-218-67647 if you’re interested in participating or have any further questions.

    Thanks very much for your participation! It will be extremely helpful to my research project.

    Amelie Baumann
    University of Bremen, Germany

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