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How to Create a Group:

Click these Parent Group Links to Create Member Groups.

Important Settings:

  • Set Default Email Options to “All Email” so members are notified of Activity.  Create a Welcome Email for New Members to receive when they join.
  • Make the Group Private (except for Success Stories, keep those Public) to keep information shared confidential to the group members.
  • Allow All Members to Create Member Groups and Send Invites.

How to Create a Local Meetup Event:

One way.  Only group Admins can create/modify Events.  Navigate to your Profile – Events – My Events and create an Event!  You can assign the event to a Group if you’re a Admin of that Group.  Make sure when you create an Event that you CHECK THE ENABLE BOOKING BOX and make it PUBLIC so that others can book and will find it on online search engines.  Next ensure the ‘Price’ says ‘Free’ and the ‘Seats’ is set to 1,000 or some arbitrary high value number so the group is not limited to how many people can ‘Book a ticket’ (aka RSVP) – Default number is only 10.  Always add an address, time, tags, categories, RSVP cutoff, picture, and welcoming message to encourage attendance!  Also, we recommend you make a recurring Event to have regular support meetings and encourage growth.  If you ever modify your event make sure you modify the entire recurring series.  Now is the time to create/join a Meetup Group for your local area and see who you can connect with!  Scheduled Events can be seen in a Meetup Group under the Events tab and on the Meetup page calendar.

New Member To-Do List:

  1. Join! (Registration is FREE – Memberships never expire) and populate all your profile fields.  We recommend after registering to complete the rest of your profile and share your Story in the About Me tab.
  2. The fastest way to Find Matches is by using the Advanced Search tool on the Members page by clicking the Find Matches button.  The site will take you to all the other members with the same field data that you specify.  You will want to check the site for matches periodically and watch for contact emails from new members that match you.
  3. Create and/or join Groups for your respective local Meetup, University where your conception took place or you donated, your insemination/fertilization Doctor, Donor ID (if known or applicable), and/or Clinic/Bank where your conception took place or you deposited sperm/eggs/embryos.  Groups are where you can collaborate, network, and exchange information to fill in the missing pieces in your search and also make you more searchable on the web and this site.
  4. Whether you are a parent, ‘donor’ conceived, or sperm/egg/embryo ‘donor’…SUBMIT YOUR DNA TO THE BIG 5 DNA SITES –    
    Also buy tests at and and upload to  Buy tests/subscriptions through our links to help support DonorChildren and keep us FREE!
  5. Create an Event in your Meetup group via the Events tab in your member profile and connect with your local ‘donor’ community in person.
  6. Blog about your journey on your relevant groups, forums, and profile page.  Share your story in the About Me profile tab so others can get to know you.
  7. Start topical discussions and ask/answer questions on the Forums page.
  8. Go to your local University Medical Center Alumni Hallways and take high resolution pictures of the graduated classes from the 1940’s to Present.  Create or join a Private group for the University and upload the photos to the University group.  This will be a valuable resource for those ‘donor’ conceived from anonymous medical students.
  9. Visit our Success Stories page to see posts from members who made matches!
  10. Contact us if you would like personal DNA Consulting or DC Counseling at [email protected].

Please Contact Us with any feedback and don’t hesitate to ask for help.  Please see our FAQ page for solutions to common problems.  We would like to optimize this site with your help.   Welcome to your ‘donor’ conceived community and please HELP US GET THE WORD OUT THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA!!!