DonorChildren in the News:

World Magazine: Dear Anonymous Dad
Gay Parent Magazine (Story starting on page 27 mentions one of our members and DonorChildren)
United Nations Speech (DonorChildren’s sister, Katy Doran, speaks and shares our story)
NY Magazine (There are no more secrets in sperm “donation”) (Siblings finding each other & #KUMCkids campaign) (#1 Infertility Radio Show in the USA) (Siblings finding each other & #KUMCkids campaign) (Identity and the Donor Conceived)
VH1 Swab Stories Intro
VH1 Swab Stories (David & Matt episode, DonorChildren mentioned)
VH1 Bonus Clip (Matt/David/Lauren)
Donor Detectives  (Australian Broadcast Corp – ABC – End of Anonymity through DNA Testing)

Some good articles about donor conception and the community:

23andMe Blog Posts:
TedxSanFrancisco Albert Frantz “Identity Theft: How I Discovered My Secret Identity”
Lost Girls (Donor Conceived Half-Sisters find each other through DNA test)
Child of Surrogacy Speaking Out Against So Called Donor Conception (“Who Am I” – BBC News) (Tom Lippert criminal secret IVF sperm switch) (Divorce Magnifies Adoption Losses) (Father Figures – Australian Sperm Donor Story) (Knowing about your biological origins is a basic right) (Sunday Times – More children finding their sperm donors and what it means) (FDA Debates Designer Babies from Embryos with 3 Genetic Parents) (Israel Sperm Donor Practices) (Canadian Sperm Donor Practices) (Court Removes Deadline for Wife Using Late Husband’s Sperm) (Grandma’s Experience leaves Epigenetic Mark on your Genes) (Your Ancestor’s Your Fate)
BBC UK Story “I’m Not Looking To Be A Father”
The Jarring Experience of Learning You Were Conceived With Donor Sperm or Eggs  (DC British Journalist, Louise McLoughlin)
My Life as a Test Tube Baby  (DC British Journalist, Louise McLoughlin)

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