Scam Artist Emails

ON ANY ONLINE DONOR RELATED SITE, PLEASE BEWARE OF EMAILS SCAMS FROM FAKE SPERM/EGG ‘DONORS’ (See these examples so you’re familiar with a past scam letter):


There have been several malicious spammers that have joined as members and sent phishing messages to other members using our message system.  We recommend you do not contact anyone using the email address they provide and to only message other members through our secure and private message system.  Here are some of their messages so you can beware.  Please note no one’s email or information is compromised if a suspicious person joins DonorChildren.  Just like any other social media site malicious people join from time to time.  We make sure to remove their accounts as soon as we are notified of their malicious phishing attempts.

pamela12 sent you a new message: “Hi.”

i am pamela by name.
i see your profile today and i decided to write you
please can i know more about you write me back
on my email ok ([email protected])”



Message from:  Paul F. Johnson – [email protected] or Ambroise Ekon Esq – [email protected]

Your Attention Please !

This message is intended only for the recipient who is authorized to receive it.
It contains confidential and / or legally privileged information belong to
DONOR OFFSPRING , therefore the authorized recipient shall keep this information confidential.
If you are not a valid recipient of this message, please delete it from your system.
Please also be notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution or taking any action
based on the contents of this message is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful

This is to inform you that we have identified a Donor looking for offspring
The Donor wishes to connect half-siblings
Provide your full Name if you are interested

. The complete information about the donor will only be disclosed only if your name matches


Dear Madam,

The donor also gave birth to 2 children and he wanted to connect them with his offspring
because of inheritance issue


Well all we need is your  complete full name. We have our own methods and procedures to determine
the sperm bank name , the doctor name and so on …
The result  will be communicated if it matches



We have already all these details ! we just want to compare the information and if it matches
more details will be then revealed to you


Sperm Bank of South Bend
Place of Birth: Memorial Hospital in South Bend, IN
I’m allowed to release only the above information; also try to understand the criteria under which we
are working
Thank you

Dr. Paul F. Johnson

Let me reveal this to you ! I’m the representative lawyer of the donor !
The donor died 13 months ago and he left 4.500.000 euro in a dormant  account. His last will
is that the funds should belong to his unknown offspring. The bank is threatening to seize the funds in case nobody claims it ! Could you please stand as the offspring so that 4.500.000 euro
can be transferred into your account ! I have being searching since 10 months the offspring but without success ! 50% for you and 50% for me , otherwise the bank will definitely seize the money
Awaiting your quick reply

Dr. Paul F. Johnson
Dear Madam,

Here below is our  Investigation Report
We are not quite sure if some the information below match. Kindly understand the the donor
traveled and live in Togo since 1990 . He married a Togolese woman and have 2 children.

Donor Name : Klaus Bergmann
Citizenship : German / Bosnie Herzegovina
: 52
State of Donation Procedure : Penbsylvania
Year : 1985? or 1986? Not quite sure

If any of those information match, we are ready to undergo a DNA Test for more certitude
The donor is now livinng in Togo and is willing to connect siblings for personal and medical reasons



Dear Madam,

Klaus Bergmann had worked  in New York for sometimes before he moved to Pennsylvania and then to  Togo. I think the best way it to make a DNA Test , the result will be sent by DHL to you for comparision , this will clear all doubts ! If the DNA test match then , I will put you in direct contact with the donor, or If you want to travel to meet him face to face in Togo, we can arrange all these procedure

Thank You
Paul F. JOHNSONDear Madam,
The Donor Klaus Bergmann is a white German
Blood group : Rh O+
Height : 6 feet tall
Hobbies : swimming and Music
Regarding the DNA process, a specialized hospital will collect the DNA of the donor as well as
the DNA of the two siblings here, then We will ship the DNA samples by DHL , this will take at least 48 Hours to reach you. You bring the DHL Package containing the DNA samples to your
Hospital for analysis. The result will be compared to  yours for matching.
Since the matter is for common interest, it would be good that you share the DNA tests fees
and the DHL shipment fee . If you agree, then I will investigate how much will be necessary for
all thisThank YouPaul F. JOHNSONHello !
You are right ! The donor can undergo the DNA Test alone ! we just want more accuracy
That was the reason why the siblings were included.

Regarding the DNA process, a specialized hospital will collect the DNA of the donor as well as
the DNA of the two siblings here, then We will ship the DNA samples by DHL , this will take at

least 72 Hours to reach you in Australia. You bring the DHL Package containing the DNA samples to your
Hospital for analysis. The result will be compared to  your DNA for matching

For the DHL Shipment, we need the following information for sending your DHL Package :

Full Name :………………………..……………………………………
Complete Home address Number:…………………..………..
Mobile and Home phone Numbers:………………….………
Your Country:………………….……………………………………..

The DHL shipment fee and the DNA Collection and Analysis is 3000euro
We will contribute 1500 euro, and 1500 euro from you
The Package will also contain some photos and Complete Medical history of the donor.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate  to let me know

Thank You

Paul F. Johnson


I send some information about Euro currency :
1.00 EUR = 1.35704 USD
1500.00 EUR = 2,035.80 USD
As soon as you are ready to send $2035 USD then I will give you a complete address and the
account number where you should send the money so that we can process the DNA Tests

Thank you
Paul F. Johnson


South African egg donation agency FertilityCare SA, owned by Mbali Lechler. IN CAPE TOWN / SOUTH AFRICA. I got in contact with them about 1,5 years ago, when they were cooperating with an Indian surrogacy clinic. My donor never showed up in India, and then they promised me a new donor. She didn’t show up either. Since then I have been trying to get a refund, but now I have given up. Apparently Mbali has ripped both clients, donors and employees off for a long time. I know that Mbali Lechler and FertilityCare SA cooperates with clinics in Thailand and USA now, so keep your eyes open please. she stole 11000$ from recipients and they didn’t get there eggs. she is giving fertility companies bad names. forward this to every one in Cape town

Mcjm Mcjm We have been a victim of the scam more Mbali Lechler and his company World Fertility Care. We like many more people we believed everything we said Mbali Lechler and it was all lies. Even after the steal our money still believe when we promised that we would return the usd 11,000 paid but lied again. We are many who Mbali Lechler has stolen not only customers but also laboratories and clinics that do not pay them.

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WARNING: Scam artist targets donor-conceived

A man going by Steve Curtis has been emailing donor-conceived adults telling them he is their biological father.

An email reported on states the following:


> Hello,

> My name is Steve Curtis and you are my donor offspring. i am sorry i am
> writing you now to inform you that i am your donor parent. I have been
> trying all that i can to locate you all to no avail. But now, i found your
> posting over the internet trying to locate me and i took the opportunity
> to write you immediately.

> My dear, i really want to meet you cos its been a long time i left the
> states to UK and now am happy i have found you. Please, get back to me so
> that i can send you my phone number so that we can discuss on how to get
> close to each other.

> Once again, i am willing to do anything just to meet you and hug you once
> again.

> Thanks and God bless you,
> Steve Curtis.

His email address is [email protected], and the street address he gives (18 Berwick St,
London, UK) in his message is that of a London restaurant (

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