• Dear Andrea,

    I am a mom to a child that was conceived through an egg donor in NY. I recently started my search for her & 1/2 siblings. …

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    Any recipients from Flinders Medical Centre from approximately 1994; I know this is a long shot but I was wondering if anyone conceived using Donor eggs during this time because I donated 23 of my eggs. I’m now looking for any offsprings. I am waiting for my records from the Hospital and the results of a DNA test.

  • Hello Rita

    I have just requested to have all my records from the hospital where I donated my eggs. There doesn’t seem to be many sites where people can search for donor recipients. I have not found any more sites, apart from this one. Like you I won’t give up on my search. I don’t want to take any mothers role away from their children but I do…[Read more]

  • I donated 22 eggs at the Flinders Medical Centre in SA when I was 18. I’m about to order a DNA test and hope to find some of by Donor children

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